Testimonials about Children and Teenagers

"Kath Hutchinson -A truly inspirational teacher! Kath is not only a brilliant teacher but a wonderful lady who goes above and beyond to inspire her pupils. We have been so very lucky to have Kath in our lives for over six years now. Both of our children started playing piano with Kath when they were 4.

Teaching our children from a young age, Kath nurtured our children’s love of music with a gorgeous introduction to the piano and music making; she used such a welcoming approach which included singing, puppetry, playing the BIG AFRICAN DRUM and using the ipad! Kath tailors the music that the children learn to the children’s interests and motivates them by accompanying them as they learn. Her manner is kind, nurturing and encouraging – always patient, even when one of our children in particular is having an awkward moment!

Kath organises regular concerts, where all of her pupils gather to perform the pieces they have been learning on a Grand Piano! Our children have grown as music makers due to this opportunity, not only do they get to perform to an audience but they also have the chance to listen to other talented musicians of differing abilities; as parents, we have appreciated how this experience has encouraged our shy son to perform in front of an audience and helped to build his self-esteem.

We are truly sorry to lose Kath as our children’s piano teacher, but are seeing the positive in this opportunity that she has been given; we wish Kath all the best as she sprinkles her magic further afield.

Thank you for all you have done and for all you will do Kath – we wish you all the very best." The Reckless Family xx"

"Our son William has been with Kath on a weekly basis for just over one year now. He was 4 years and a couple of months when he started. We have been delighted with his progress, and thrilled with the dedication, fun, and patience that Kath has shown during this time. Her experience shows in her teaching, and she is clearly very suited to teaching young children. (The method she uses we particularly like, which doesn't aim to teach notes and theory first but seeks to instil a familiarity with the instrument and such techniques as directional note reading and step-wise movement so that when he is ready to read and learn the notes he is already familiar with their position.). We consider we found a real gem in Kath and are very sad that she is leaving Nottingham. We couldn't recommend her enough."

"My daughter Paige started piano with Kath when she was 6 yrs old. She is now 8yrs old and Kath has been a pleasure to have as her teacher. The amount of time she invests in the prep work and teaching of the young ones is phenomenal. She uses very stimulating and educative resources to make the lessons more interesting. My daughter is currently doing her grade 2 and I'm confident that she has a very strong, steady foundation all because of Kath. Kath does not only teach for exams but she instils a life long passion of music with a strong emphasis on creativity and building on the strengths of the pupil. My daughter achieved distinctions in both her initial and grade 1 exams. Kath goes above and beyond her duty, for example she organises concerts for her students to play for each other which is always a very special time for the students and parents. She has also entered my daughter into the EPTA Nottingham and regional competitions. This has certainly increased her confidence in the instrument and has given her the opportunity to play amongst some of the best students. I would certainly recommend Kath as an excellent piano teacher. Her passion and experience is amazing. It's unfortunate my daughter is not able to continue with her due to her moving, but I can only be envious that Sunningdale has gained a fantastic piano teacher!"

"Kath has taught my daughters for 7 years. She has been a truly wonderful, dedicated teacher. Her innovative holistic teaching style is adapted to each child. This means that not only have my daughters passed their exams with excellent marks but have a real musical understanding and enjoy their lessons, are motivated to practice and love playing the piano. (Parent of 8 and 13 year old)"

"I have really enjoyed my lessons with Kath as she has really helped me to develop my technique, which needed a lot of work when I first started with her. As well as this, I have been able to do a wide range of things on the piano such as memory work, theory, listening, aural, playing lots of different genres, duets, concerts/competitions with other students, which have all really improved me as a musician. I have discovered lots of new genres and composers she has introduced me to and I feel I am now a much more confident player. I will really miss my lessons with Kath and I am very grateful for all she has taught me over the past few years. I definitely recommend lessons with her!" (13 year old)

"Both of my children are beginners and have been simultaneously nurtured and challenged by Kath. Her methods engage, encourage and inspire children and lessons are never dull. Her love of music and of the piano is simply infectious!" Leah

"Kath has been a wonderful piano teacher leading our daughter from complete novice to taking Grade 5 this summer. Preparation for all pieces has been very thorough, and our daughter has been confident going into each exam. Although we gave our daughter the option to have a break after Grade 4, (in order to focus on A levels) she wanted to continue to Grade 5 in just 6 months, which I think illustrates the positive environment of Kath’s lessons and the effectiveness of her approach."

"My son has significant special educational needs (ASD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia) and Kath has taught him for 7 years. I am so grateful for and impressed by the way Kath has adapted her teaching style and content to suit him. He has loved learning to play piano and she has definitely got the best out of him, really understanding the ways in which he needs to be given information whilst making it fun. We are very sad that she has to move and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone considering learning piano." (Dr. G Hopkins)

"Our daughter has been taking piano lessons with Kath for almost one year and we are happy with significant progress she has done. She was able to prepare for taking Grade one test. Our daughter enjoyed every lesson and become very enthusiastic to practice playing piano every free minute she has." (parent of 13 year old)